a review on ‘shit happens!’ part 2

( in case you havent read the first part of this review, check it out here )
I completed reading the entire novel. I hoped that my opinion would change. But it dint. It was quite disappointing.

Let me sum it up. An Indian guy leaves to USA for higher studies, falls in love with an American girl, who is in love with some other guy. The combined effort of destiny and our hero splits them apart, and gives him a chance to make a move towards her. She accepts him and everything goes on smooth for a while, but only till the girl’s ex-boyfriend shows up. Our hero looks and him and gets shattered seeing him shrink due to his failed love. Feels bad and guilty, surrenders his girl  back to him, restores her love for him and vanishes from there. He completed his studies and comes back to India, feeling more manly!

If you think this story is worth your time and money, go for it.


a review on ‘Shit happens!’

Shit happens, yes, it really does. Because the novel is shit, and it happened. I was at reliance timeout last night, and i did feel that my Karma’s got the entire universe to conspire against me, and ta-da, i picked up the worst novel from their collection.

To further prove the karma theory, let me tell you, i even started reading the novel! I’m half way through. The story is about a young Indian lad, supposedly of Einstein match in IQ, but shy to death when he confronts girls. This man, moves into america, because he wanted to prove himself good against an as-dumb-like-a-donkey cricket player, because he was beaten up by that cup-cake during recess time while in school.

Now he is already in the USA, he meets some random girl on his first day in America, she offers to guide him in newyork, later eats pizza with him, then get drunk and sleeps with him. The next day, he gets up and realizes that she is in love with another guy!

what the hell? After reading this, i feel there should be an IEEE standard for novels!

But wait, there’s more in the basket. Ill finish reading the entire thing and get back to you guys.

BTW, the book costs Rs 125/-

Visit to Ram Mandir

Happy ram navami friends. I pray this navami brings you all the joy and success you wish.

Today is ram navami, the day prince ram was born. It’s a big festival for a lot of hindu’s in India.  Since I belong to a Brahmin family, and also being a vaishnavite, this is a big festival for us. But in our family, the intensity of the pomp of celebration of this particular festival has gradually sloped down. So chaturthi and Krishna Janmasthami are the two most important festivals we celebrate.

Irrespective of the pomp being high or low, feast is never compromised. Had amazing lunch today and later visited our temple. It was such a long time since I went to kashi mutt ram mandir! I have literally spent half my childhood there. All those memories came back to me today. I guess I was in 2nd or 3rd standard when I used to go there every Saturday to blow conch during aarthi. I felt my place was so important back then!  And the priest and his assistant showed a lot of affection to me. They used to an extra banana as prasadam. They used to say ‘Look, lord ram is smiling because you came today’. I used to believe that and it made me so happy. I never used to miss going there during childhood.

But later as I grew up, I realized that lord ram’s idol smiled 24×7. There was another small kid who was a conch enthusiast. I gave up my position for him, and saw exactly the same feel of importance on his face that I had. And the priest told the same line to him J

Today, I saw everything has changed. The flooring which was I guess red oxide, is now granite. New glowing walls, paintings of avarats of lord maha Vishnu, lights of different shades, expanded entrance, bars for the devotees to stand in queue. Even the priest is a new guy,lLot more commercial than the old one. But the idol of ram has not changed, it gives the temple, a look of 40’s. no matter what amount of  renovation they bring!

Views on a blog called Dalit Nation

Hello readers,

This post, unlike rest of the, is a very serious one. So before moving on to the serious part, I would like to say that I am a man with exceptional tranquility of mind, which keeps me cool and always unbiased.
I views I have written is based on what I could comprehend by standing at a neutral point. Hence I’m not representing a particular community here, but im only speaking out my mind.

Despite being born in a Brahmin family, that too in the blood line of the great sage Vishwamitra, I have never been proud of the caste system that is being followed(or should I say had been followed). I have never bothered to find out why it was followed and what parameters were used for discrimination because such discriminations were too far away from my conscious.

But yesterday when I went through a blog in the wordpress called dalit nation, I felt far too ashamed. It was an absolutely senseless content written by a total retard. Some of my friends were passing around that link since the extent of stupidity of that writing turned out to be humor. Here is the link

Assuming that you have read it, you would have already come to know that the writer of that post has nothing to offer to our country, but hatred. They hate the upper cast so much that they had to bring aishwaria rai into the scene and cook story on how the upper cast people tormented her life. I’m very sure that even Aishwaria Rai would be shocked on reading this.

It said,
When Aishwarya Rai joined movies the brahmin and Bania toilet papers like Times of India, Hindu and Indian Express were seething with jealousy. They made claims that she does not know any acting. They always sided with their jatwallah actress like the maharistrian brahmins Madhuri Dixit and Sonali Bendre.

OMG, what have they been smoking? In the very first place, Aishwaria Rai is not a dalit! Secondly, Its not fair to call the national newspapers as bania toilet papers! And who on earth cares for the caste of the girls who work in the movies?

The wily upper caste people in Bollywood tried to set up Aishwarya Rai with the upper caste wallahs. But our Shudra sister Aishwarya never relented. It was during this time when she was harassed by these papans that Salman Khan rescued her. Salman Khan being a muslim wanted to get married to Aishwarya Rai and save her from the oppressive Hindu caste system.

Haha, I have read nothing more stupid than this!

But the upper caste wallahs started spreading all kinds of rumors about Salman Khan. They called him a cocaine addict. These brahmins can go to any length. They will tell what suits their need. Finally they implicated Salman Khan in a fake accident case. They split these two people so that Aishwarya can stay in the evil Hindu caste system. This is what all these upper caste people have been doing to Dalits so that they can never escape from their tyranny.

Harry potter seems more real!

After this incident they did not leave Aishwarya alone. They hatched a conspiracy in UP and got the manuwadi Amar Singh to get Aishwarya married to Abhishek Bachan, a half upper caste sikh and brahmin.

Give me a break!!!

The problem according to me is that its is a political conspiracy to deliberately keep the backward community in dark so that they believe in all the nonsense that the political leaders have to say about the upper cast. The country can progress at a large scale, only when people like these are given education, and enough opportunities to come out of the dark circle they are kept in.

After reading the entire blog, I feel that our country is in a social emergency. The attitude that is being developed in the minds of the youth of the oppressed class due to the blogs like these, is very dangerous and threatening. What is the use of development, if the people cant acknowledge it? The govt and the people of the country have to take immediate steps to counter the backwardness in the minds of these people and bring them to the main stream. Till then, they will keep blaming the upper caste for all the bad that happens in the world!
I promise that once I start earning and become economically stable, I shall take the responsibility of educating at least 2 people of this community and put an end to their economic and social backwardness.

May the country prosper,

Jai Hind