Why Oracle sucks!

I was working on connecting my C++ application to a database server. I decided to use the opensource MySql database. So I installed the MySql server on my Laptop which runs on Linux.

Next, I wanted to download the connector, so I went to the MySql page and located it. When I clicked on Download button, unfortunately what I saw was a oracle’s registration page. I had to login to my oracle account so that I could download it! I was expecting a signup using either my Facebook or Google account, but No, these douche-bags wanted me to fill up all the details separately for them.

So I thought, Ill do it, since its just a one time job. I started filling out the details. I looked around the text field’s to see if there are any particular type of characters that I need to enter. I found none!

I quickly filled out all the details (enough for them to start spamming). Then I entered the ridiculously long text in the captcha to prove that I’m not a some goddamned program trying to busy their servers. Then I hit the submit button. To my surprise, the there was a red rectangle surrounding the two password fields. It said that the password should have,

a. At least one number

b. At least one upper case character

c. At least one lower case character.

Firstly, why should I do that? What is the worst thing that might happen if someone gets to know my oracle account password? May be download another copy of MySql server? I don’t have my bank account details there! Why should I have a awkward sounding password to protect something that’s not important to me?

Secondly, WTF was the form doing when I was entering the details? Even Microsoft does instant validations these days.

I was wondering why they are taking over all open source projects. If someone knows the reason, please drop it in the comments.

I had a similar ‘piss-of’ moment the other day. I couldn’t believe that had embedded a ask toolbar along with the Java SDK!