a review on ‘Shit happens!’

Shit happens, yes, it really does. Because the novel is shit, and it happened. I was at reliance timeout last night, and i did feel that my Karma’s got the entire universe to conspire against me, and ta-da, i picked up the worst novel from their collection.

To further prove the karma theory, let me tell you, i even started reading the novel! I’m half way through. The story is about a young Indian lad, supposedly of Einstein match in IQ, but shy to death when he confronts girls. This man, moves into america, because he wanted to prove himself good against an as-dumb-like-a-donkey cricket player, because he was beaten up by that cup-cake during recess time while in school.

Now he is already in the USA, he meets some random girl on his first day in America, she offers to guide him in newyork, later eats pizza with him, then get drunk and sleeps with him. The next day, he gets up and realizes that she is in love with another guy!

what the hell? After reading this, i feel there should be an IEEE standard for novels!

But wait, there’s more in the basket. Ill finish reading the entire thing and get back to you guys.

BTW, the book costs Rs 125/-