Not for my friends!


The lot of free time I have has now made me blog quite often! I like blogging. It fulfills me as a hobby, But the sad part is that I don’t have a big count in readership. Frankly, I don’t even know how many read my blog. Considering that I’m a lethargic log of wood, and my reluctance to write when there is some new video on hard disk, I can safely draw a rough estimate of number of readers I have. So let me try to count the number of people who know about this blog, and probably also read it.

  1. Manasa. She is my schoolmate and also one of the very first readers of my blog. I wrote to her when I started blogging(while I was in touch with her). She even commented once or twice. But later as I eventually lost touch with her, I stopped getting SMS feedback form her.
  2. Sapna. She too was my schoolmate, and one of the readers when my blog on blogger started getting big. I have lost touch with her too, but I can assume that she still reads my blog(Coz she has a lot of free time).
  3. Abhijeeth. He is my collegemate. We stayed in the same hostel, and accessed internet together at the internet centre before the campus went wifi. He was sitting besides me when I was updating my blog. Since then, I have heard him once or twice talking about my blog.
  4. * N Bhat. (sorry, cant mention her first name) She was my school mate and also a kind of special one to me. Though we were not dating, We were strangely close. I remember hearing from her that she finds my write up attractive.
  5. Priyank Madyastha. He is my roommate and also one of my best friends since three years. I had asked him to read and rate my blog when I had written on terrorism. I hope is still reads my work.

The number seems to be really less, mainly because I never promoted my blog amongst my friends. Only my best friends know about my blog. I want only two types of readers; ones who are my best friends and the others whom I have never met. Yes strange as it sounds, I write primarily write for strangers. And expect them to also clap at times J

So the number of readers are, 5+n. where n stands for the number of people I don’t know, who read my blog.

PS: Please write a comment or push the like button, I really need a count, my dear boys and girls J