Visit to Ram Mandir

Happy ram navami friends. I pray this navami brings you all the joy and success you wish.

Today is ram navami, the day prince ram was born. It’s a big festival for a lot of hindu’s in India.  Since I belong to a Brahmin family, and also being a vaishnavite, this is a big festival for us. But in our family, the intensity of the pomp of celebration of this particular festival has gradually sloped down. So chaturthi and Krishna Janmasthami are the two most important festivals we celebrate.

Irrespective of the pomp being high or low, feast is never compromised. Had amazing lunch today and later visited our temple. It was such a long time since I went to kashi mutt ram mandir! I have literally spent half my childhood there. All those memories came back to me today. I guess I was in 2nd or 3rd standard when I used to go there every Saturday to blow conch during aarthi. I felt my place was so important back then!  And the priest and his assistant showed a lot of affection to me. They used to an extra banana as prasadam. They used to say ‘Look, lord ram is smiling because you came today’. I used to believe that and it made me so happy. I never used to miss going there during childhood.

But later as I grew up, I realized that lord ram’s idol smiled 24×7. There was another small kid who was a conch enthusiast. I gave up my position for him, and saw exactly the same feel of importance on his face that I had. And the priest told the same line to him J

Today, I saw everything has changed. The flooring which was I guess red oxide, is now granite. New glowing walls, paintings of avarats of lord maha Vishnu, lights of different shades, expanded entrance, bars for the devotees to stand in queue. Even the priest is a new guy,lLot more commercial than the old one. But the idol of ram has not changed, it gives the temple, a look of 40’s. no matter what amount of  renovation they bring!