Why Oracle sucks!

I was working on connecting my C++ application to a database server. I decided to use the opensource MySql database. So I installed the MySql server on my Laptop which runs on Linux.

Next, I wanted to download the connector, so I went to the MySql page and located it. When I clicked on Download button, unfortunately what I saw was a oracle’s registration page. I had to login to my oracle account so that I could download it! I was expecting a signup using either my Facebook or Google account, but No, these douche-bags wanted me to fill up all the details separately for them.

So I thought, Ill do it, since its just a one time job. I started filling out the details. I looked around the text field’s to see if there are any particular type of characters that I need to enter. I found none!

I quickly filled out all the details (enough for them to start spamming). Then I entered the ridiculously long text in the captcha to prove that I’m not a some goddamned program trying to busy their servers. Then I hit the submit button. To my surprise, the there was a red rectangle surrounding the two password fields. It said that the password should have,

a. At least one number

b. At least one upper case character

c. At least one lower case character.

Firstly, why should I do that? What is the worst thing that might happen if someone gets to know my oracle account password? May be download another copy of MySql server? I don’t have my bank account details there! Why should I have a awkward sounding password to protect something that’s not important to me?

Secondly, WTF was the form doing when I was entering the details? Even Microsoft does instant validations these days.

I was wondering why they are taking over all open source projects. If someone knows the reason, please drop it in the comments.

I had a similar ‘piss-of’ moment the other day. I couldn’t believe that had embedded a ask toolbar along with the Java SDK!


Mind you, java is pure object oriented!!

[Update 07-feb-2013. I was a noob when I wrote this one. Don’t consider it seriously]


“Java is not object oriented, since it has primitive data types!” , “int, char, float etc etc in java are not objects but primitive data-types. so how can it be object oriented?”

I’m reading the above crap in too often these days. Yeah, it does freak me out! Oh my dear java developers, if you come across any person ranting such nonsense, please check the credentials of the person. If someone says such things despite knowing java quite well, it only implies that the person lacks analytical thinking.

Let me get into the argument in this way: Let us say you are a the education minister of your state. And also an MLA of some constituency. Now how would you introduce yourself to some one? You will say you are an MLA? Or will you say you are the education minister? The answer is obvious.

Similarly, java does contain primitive data-types like int, float, double, boolean. But it should be remembered that it also contains wrapper class for all those data-types, like ‘Integer’ for ‘int’, ‘Float’ for ‘float’,’ Double’ for ‘double’,’ Boolean’ for ‘Boolean’. You can choose to never use the primitive data-types, and use only the wrapper class, it would’nt make much of a difference. But java programmers use the primitives only because its execution is faster. So the primitive data-types exists in java as an option(a good one), hence you can confidently say that java is a pure object oriented language.

I rest my case.

I Love Java API’s

I just love them, I really do. Coz I can find any number of them on internet. All you need to do to be a good java professional is, know what your program should do, and look for the appropriate API’s.

I was working on a project involving Optical Character recognition using Neural networks(Ill upload the source code in a while). What actually happens is, an image is given to the system as input, the program must extract the text embedded inside the image(if any!). Well you guessed it right, it’s an IEEE paper. This project would be easy to implement in matlab. But it had to be done in java!

When I was given the white paper, I thought ill never be able to do it, my seniors asked me to somehow try it out. So I started looking for algorithms on the internet and look what I found! An API for neural networks!!! WTF. Half my work is done. Now all that I need to do is, load the image, pre-process it, call the methods in API, get the text and put it on screen.

The Budding JAVA professional

Completing engineering brought a great sense of victory to me. I was a happy man for the first three months since the exams. I enjoyed spending time at home and with friends. I downloaded the latest seasons of big bang theory and how I met your mother, saw it’s every episode at least twice and relished ever moment of it. But the dirty fact of nature is that, no emotions will have the same intensity at different points on the implied time period! Things started changing. I started feeling less happy day by day which brings me to this day, where I’m totally frustrated about the things going around.

Two months ago, I saw the vacations as a great opportunity to upgrade myself and prepare to face the real-virtual world. I signed up for Java classes! Initially it was fun learning the language and things were working well for me. But as time went, the language started getting into my veins. From mere fun, it grew up to become an addiction. Since then, java has been my place of refuge from harmful feelings of joblessness, bitter academic past and boredom. Whenever I felt emotionally low, I turn on my computer to either learn the language deeper or to start coding with it.

I am basically from the electronics background, so these computer languages are new to me. Though java is taking the central position in my mind, I still love electronics and communication as much as I used to, during my days of engineering. I see my future as a java professional striving hard for the betterment of the world through betterment of the language. But since I’m from the background of Electronics and Communication Engineering, I am able to see the world through a larger perspective. Having knowledge in both electronics and computer domain, In ten years from now I see myself handling projects that make real contributions to world , like designing 5th sense devices for the people having disabilities like blindness and deafness.  By 5th sense devices, I don’t mean the devices that exist in today’s market, which offers very little or no help. I want to build multifunctional devices that can do almost all the works that the disabled people would expect from their missing sense.

PS: Recruiters who are interested in hiring can download my resume here

and here is a blog if you are interested in JDBC


Hello readers,

Finished the last exam of engineering and the next biggest ‘sleep teaser’ is the result. We were assured by our faculty that the results will be out in 15 days. We thought they were joking, but today, the 15th day after my project external, the exact 15th day, the results are going to be announced! This proves an old fact that professors at canara never joke.

I’ve never been nervous about my result, despite being very uncertain about it. I used to display my cool while rest of my friends were reflecting the shiver playing down in their spine. This reminds me of a scene of the movie 3 idiots, where it was the day of result and the students were trembling with their hands folded, burning down loads ‘aggarbatti’ , bribing god with various offers etc…well, what happens in reality is slightly different from it. Cigarettes are burnt in the place of aggarbattis, the university result page becomes the home page for a while and we start thinking of excuses to give to our parents if the result isn’t so colorful!!

Today is the day of my 8th sem results, I’ve never been so anxious about results all these semesters. Mainly because 8th sem results are generally the aggre making results, so no matter how much I score, its always less. Secondly because my offer to SLK software solutions depends on today’s result. So lets hope for the best to happen. Cheers 

PS: Pray that I wont fall prey to bad luck