How IT is changing my life

It has been an amazing journey of 13 months in this industry, 3 in Veriton and 10 in ThoughtFocus. I had the chance to play many roles, from a Mobile application developer to Unit test engineer. I have always felt great in being involved in multiple projects and using various different technologies. I’m very glad that I have met and even gone beyond some of the goals I had set when I started. It has been a fulfilling experience to me.

These are a few new Goals i have set for this year

  1. Learn all the ‘Ends’:

    I have never really liked the Idea of being either only a ‘UI developer’ or ‘Back End developer’ or ‘DB Guy’ or ‘Unit tester’. Imagine a web application having only a DB or only static HTML pages. Or worse, Just a large heap of Java classes! I want to have all the skills required to build an entire application.

  2. Improve the quality of coding:

    I was more of a hit-and-run programmer when I joined, whenever there was a new requirement, I just used to carve a new function, put all the functionality into that and push it to QA. Eventually, the code base started becoming very large and unmanagable. I started having maintenance nightmares.

    Which is why, I learnt the lesson before it was too late. Now I iterate through a million different ways to find out the best way of implementing a functionality.

  3. Learn to write good designs

    Though an average IT professional learns this during the teen-age of his career , I want to do this ASAP, despite still being in my programming diapers. Design sounds interesting , since it requires a lot of thinking and I like thinking.

  4. Read a lot of books and blogs

    I have started reading about the pioneers in the field of computing, and it is quite inspiring to read about their achievements. It helps in two ways,

    1. Its fascinating to know how Computer Science evolved

    2. It helps in keeping personal benchmarks high.

My life has changed in a lot of ways after joining IT industry. I can make better decisions, priorities are more clear to me, more confidence in solving real life problems, smarter thinking etc etc.

Though a lot of people attribute IT to a stressful  boring and frustrating life style, its not really so. Its very challenging, but at the same time, its equally fascinating. You get to do certain things that people in other profession don’t. Every new project that we take up is an entirely new experience. Environment changes rapidly, demanding you to adapt to the changes very fast!

There is always a flip side to every job, we do feel disappointed at times, in fact a lot of times. But its not because of work, but rather because of shallow managers, dirty politics, lack of vision in top management. It shatters you into pieces when you realize that your company adapts a certain level of deception in order to make more money. Yes, it happens. A lot of small companies do it(Luckily, my company doesn’t). Sad part is that such companies will remain small forever, being contented with just the extra chunk of money they have made. Well, we don’t really have to bother much, because such companies don’t matter at all. It wouldn’t matter at all if those companies seizes to exist. There will be millions of other companies which are exactly the same.