I Love Java API’s

I just love them, I really do. Coz I can find any number of them on internet. All you need to do to be a good java professional is, know what your program should do, and look for the appropriate API’s.

I was working on a project involving Optical Character recognition using Neural networks(Ill upload the source code in a while). What actually happens is, an image is given to the system as input, the program must extract the text embedded inside the image(if any!). Well you guessed it right, it’s an IEEE paper. This project would be easy to implement in matlab. But it had to be done in java!

When I was given the white paper, I thought ill never be able to do it, my seniors asked me to somehow try it out. So I started looking for algorithms on the internet and look what I found! An API for neural networks!!! WTF. Half my work is done. Now all that I need to do is, load the image, pre-process it, call the methods in API, get the text and put it on screen.